A Few Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For A Garage Door

If your garage door is seriously damaged, isn't working right after it has been repaired, or has been broken into, it is time to have it replaced. You probably bought the house with the garage door, and have never had to buy one yourself. To help you go through the shopping process and get the door that will best suit your needs, here are a few things to keep in mind.

A Couple Of Tips For Homeowners With Oil Burning Furnaces

Heating oil can be a highly efficient and reliable source of heat for those that use an oil burning furnace. However, if you have only recently purchased a home that utilizes this type of heating system, it can be easy to be unsure of the steps needed to get the most from these systems. Fortunately, you can use a couple of simple tips to help reduce the risks of encountering some routine issues with these systems.

How To Get Rid Of Mice In An Apartment

Living in an apartment isn't always easy. You sometimes have to hear your noisy neighbors, your parking space may be taken by someone else, you may smell odors from someone else's garbage, and you may even be getting someone else's rodents in your clean apartment. See below for some tips on how to help keep the mice out of your apartment. Keep It Clean Keeping your apartment clean and free of garbage will help a lot.

3 Secrets to Successful Cold Weather Concrete Projects

The great part about pouring concrete in the off season is that there are a lot of concrete companies with extra capacity, who are often willing to give steep discounts to winter warriors. Although concrete installation is usually considered to be a summer season project, by using the proper techniques, concrete work can be done any time of year. So long as there is a supply of concrete to be had and the temperature is not too cold, the following tricks can yield outstanding results.

Things That Go Bump In The Night: Stop Your Creaking Water Pipes

Do your pipes rattle and make noise when you turn the faucet on? If so, there is an easy cure to silence those deafening pipes: adhesive backed felt. The following article will teach you how to install felt to keep your plumbing fixtures silent. Locate Your Pipes The first step to stopping creaking pipes is to locate your pipes underneath your house. Look up at the floor joists and make note of each pipe hanger.