2 Questions To Ask Your General Contractor About When Designing Your House

When you are building your dream house, you may be worried about special features that you are going to need for your house. You may be worried about how those things are going to work when it comes to the practicalities and the realities of making sure that your house has everything you need to live comfortably. The best way to figure out those practicalities and how everything is going to work is to talk to a general contractor and put your concerns in front of them. They will be able to help you figure out what will work best for you and for your house. Odds are that they have handled things like this before. So, when you are talking to the contractor, what are some of the things you should talk to them about?

Loadbearing Features

If one of the accommodations you need to have in your house is to have wider doorways, you may be concerned as to how that will work with loadbearing walls. Part of having loadbearing walls depends on having studs set at a regular interval so that they can evenly distribute the load. However, when you talk to the contractor about your concerns, they will be able to talk to you about how they can adjust certain things in order to accommodate those wider doorways. 


If you are going to have stairs in your house, you may want to make sure that the stairs have a shorter step and a longer place for you to set your foot. Changing up the stairs like that means that your stairways are going to look different and have different dimensions than a more normal stairway would have. Your contractor will need to figure out a way to fit the stairs into your house. For example, they may break the stairs into two pieces that run parallel to each other with a landing in the middle so that the stairs can turn and go the opposite direction. That limits the footprint that your stairway has in your house but still allows the contractor to adjust the stairs so that they fit your needs better. 

If you need to have some special features built into your house so that it will work best for you, make sure to talk to the contractor about them so that you can find out how they adjust things for you.

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