Sewer Line Repairs When Roots Cause Problems That Need More Than Cleaning

The sewer lines outside of your home are vulnerable to unique problems. These issues can include roots growing inside the pipes and causing damage. You have to deal with these problems when they back up into the plumbing inside your home. The following sewer line repairs are some of the solutions to help deal with your root problems:

Roots Starting to Clog Pipes

If you can identify problems with roots before they damage, you want to address these issues quickly. There are solutions to deal with these root problems, which include:

  • Using a salt treatment in plumbing to slow root growth
  • Jet cleaning for the sewer lines to remove the roots
  • Using root barriers and treatments to slow root growth

These things will help you deal with your root problems before they cause damage. Clear the root problems and install root barriers to stop them from coming back.

Replacing Damaged Sections of Sewer Lines

Sometimes, the problems with roots do not damage the entire sewer line. The issues with roots are often limited to the areas near trees and other plant life. Therefore, you may only need to replace sections of the sewer lines. There are several methods that can be used to replace these pipes, which include:

  • Replacing smaller sections
  • Excavating to replace larger sections
  • Drilling solutions for non-invasive sewer line replacement

These are the methods that can be used to replace sections of sewer lines that have been damaged by roots. The non-invasive sewer line replacement techniques can be used for longer sections of pipe or if you need to replace the entire line.

Relocating the Lateral Sewer Line

The lateral sewer line could be in a vulnerable area where it attracts roots from nearby trees and plants. Therefore, the solution to your root problems may be to move the sewer line. Some of the reasons why you may want to replace the entire line include:

  • Old pipes that are susceptible to root damage
  • Extensive root damage to entire lateral sewer line
  • Lines that are located in vulnerable areas and need to be moved

When relocating the lateral sewer line, you want to make sure it is in an area that is less vulnerable to root problems. If your property has dense tree growth, consider using root barrier systems near the sewer line.

These sewer line repairs may be the solution to your root problems. Contact a sewer line repair service for more information.