What Happens To Landscape Rock After It's Removed From Your Yard?

Whether your design tastes don't include landscaping rock or you want to update the color and style of the rock found in your home's landscape, you will need to get rid of the rock before you can start working on a new design.

The easiest way to get rid of any rock that you don't want is to hire an outside company to remove the rock and haul it away. Companies that specialize in rock removal have a variety of options available to them when it comes to disposing of your unwanted landscaping rock.

The Rock Can be Donated

Some rock removal companies partner with charity organizations to get rid of the landscaping rock they remove from their clients' homes. Many charity organizations work to construct safe housing or sell construction materials as a way to make money for building projects.

Donations to these organizations can be tax-deductible for rock removal companies, so they can financially benefit from passing your old landscaping rock along to a charity that can put it to good use.

The Rock Can be Sold to Landscapers

Another avenue available to rock removal specialists is direct sales to landscapers in the area.

Landscapers typically have multiple projects they are working on simultaneously. Sourcing supplies for these projects can pose a challenge.

Buying from a rock removal specialist gives landscapers access to quality rock products at a reduced cost. The savings can be passed along to clients, which will help improve a landscaping company's reputation within the marketplace.

The Rock Can be Transformed

Many rock removal companies transform the landscaping rock they take from a home by turning it into another usable product. It's common for large boulders or river rock to be broken down into smaller gravel pieces that can be used in more diverse ways.

Some of the rock removed from your home might even end up being used in asphalt. Landscaping rock can be put through a grinder until the individual pieces are small enough to be included in the aggregate materials found in most asphalt products.

The asphalt can then be sold to paving companies, repair crews, or the general public as a way to generate income.

Just because you don't have a use for your landscaping rock doesn't mean that it's obsolete. Work with a rock removal company to ensure your old rock enjoys a productive new life after it is removed from your property.

For more information, reach out to a rock removal company in your area.