Are You Looking To Hire A Remodeling Contractor? Three Important Questions To Ask The Company Before Hiring Them

Hiring a remodeling contractor is one of the biggest decisions that you will make in regards to your remodeling project. A great remodeling contractor can oversee your project and ensure everything is properly managed and completed, taking stress and pressure off of you. Asking the right questions when you are interviewing a remodeling contractor or company can lead you to a great contractor. Here are three important questions that you should be asking a remodeling contractor or company before hiring them. 

Do You Carry Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance?

One of the questions that you should ask a remodeling contractor is whether they carry liability insurance and if they carry workers compensation insurance for their employees or sub-contractors. Mistakes happen, and those mistakes can be expensive to fix when it comes to remodeling and renovations. If a company does not have insurance and a mistake happens, you may be on the hook to pay for the damage they caused. Ensuring they are properly insured helps to protect you in the event of a mishap. 

Have You Ever Done Business Under Another Name? 

Another important question to ask is whether they have ever done business under another name. Some contractors or companies may change their business name to hide from bad reviews or lawsuits. Always ask this question so you can thoroughly research both their current business name, but any past names they may have used as well. 

What is the Chain of Command When it Comes to Communication?

Lastly, be sure to ask a remodeling contractor what the chain of command is when it comes to communication. Do you have to leave messages with a receptionist or secretary, or are you given the direct phone number of the contractor you are working with? If there is a problem, is there a way to talk to the contractor's supervisor? You want to know how communication works before you find yourself having to call someone and not knowing who exactly to call. 

Taking time to interview remodeling contractors or companies before hiring them can be a time-consuming process. However, putting in the time now will help guide you toward a great contractor, which can help to ensure your project goes smoothly, is completed correcting and comes in at your budgeted price. Contact remodeling contractors in your area to set up interviews with them to discuss your remodeling project and whether they are a good fit for the project or not.