Four Reasons To Install A Metal Roof

While there are a wide range of different metals that can be used as roofing panels, each of which has a different appearance and set of characteristics, there are a few advantages that all common roofing metals have in common. Understanding what the most notable of those advantages are can help you decide if installing a metal roof on your home is the best course of action for your needs.


The most important thing to note about metal roofing, especially when compared to asphalt roofing shingles, is the high durability that metal roofing offers your home. Metal roofing panels are not easily punctured by falling branches, hail, or other debris and will not erode down over time as asphalt shingles can after constant exposure to moisture. Further, some types of metal roofing are even completely immune to rusting – such as zinc, copper, and aluminum. Even with roofs that can rust, such as steel, they are usually covered with a protective layer of one of the aforementioned metals to extend their lifespan far beyond what asphalt shingles possess.


Another significant benefit of choosing to install metal roofing instead of other types of roofing material is that metal can be finished to be highly reflective. This is especially important to consider if your home is in a warmer climate, as reflecting a majority of the sun's rays will help to maintain a moderate temperature inside your home throughout the summer, reducing how much energy your air conditioner will have to use. Keep in mind that highly reflective roofs will require cleaning in order to remove dirt and debris that can mar their surface, so they do come with slightly more maintenance than non-reflective roofing. 

Environmentally Friendly

In addition, you should take into account the fact that most metal roofs can be sourced from completely recycled materials, making the installation of your roof – and the construction of your entire home – greener. Furthermore, metal roofing panels can be scrapped or recycled once they are removed, which can recoup part of their initial cost and brings down the environmental impact of your roof even further.

Fire Resistance

Another small but notable benefit of metal roofing is that it is completely fireproof. This is especially important again for hotter climates that may suffer from wildfires. While a metal roof won't fireproof your home, it can reduce the risk of an ember igniting parts of your home and can give you time to evacuate the structure in the event that it is lit alight.

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