Signs Your Commercial Building's Flat Roof Needs Repairs

If your business's building has an older flat roof, you may wonder how you can tell whether or not you need to have it repaired. If so, look for the following signs that your commercial building's flat roof is in need of professional attention.

Seams Have Pulled Apart

One of the first things you should look at while inspecting your business's flat roof is the condition of the seams. Usually, you should have problems finding the seams, as they are tightly pressed together.

However, after years of exposure to moisture, temperature changes, and UV rays from the sun, the strips of roofing material will start to contract. This contraction will make the seams pull apart, leaving gaps between the strips. Because the areas under the gaps are no longer protected, your roof is at risk of leaking into your business.

Bubbling Is Present in the Surface

Another sign you should be on the lookout for is the presence of bubbling on the surface of the roof. Normally, the roof's surface should be flat and even. However, if you see bubbling on the surface, this is usually an indication that water has become trapped underneath the top layer. Because the material has started to weaken over time, tiny tears and holes have formed, allowing water to seep in. As the water continues to collect, it will deteriorate the underlying surface of the roof. If this problem is not remedied, the bubbling will spread, and your roof will start to leak.

Water Puddles Have Formed

Along with bubbling, you may also find that water puddles have formed on the roof and do so every time it rains. Standing water should never be seen on a roof in good condition. However, if the roof has started to deteriorate beneath the surface, it can no longer support the top layers. The material beneath the surface crumbles, creating divots in the roof.

When it rains, the water runs directly to these areas, where it collects and remains until the moisture evaporates. However, while it is there, the water continues to break down the surface layer, making your roof prone to cracking and leaking. If you notice any of the above signs while walking around on your business's roof, you should have a professional inspect it to see if it needs any repairs. Contact your local commercial roof services to schedule an appointment so they can look at the damage and discuss your options for fixing it.