Reasons To Choose Asphalt For Your New Driveway

Is it time to install a new driveway and you are trying to decide between asphalt and concrete? While concrete is the norm in many neighborhoods, it isn't necessarily the best choice. If you plan to live in your home for decades, asphalt can be the more cost-effective and easier to maintain choice. The following can help you understand why.

Asphalt repairs aren't obvious

Almost any paved surface will eventually develop cracks or pitting. When this happens with concrete, the options are generally limited to using obvious and ugly patches over the damage or replacing the driveway completely. Asphalt can be patched, much the same as concrete, but you also have the option of resurfacing the asphalt. This process lays down a thin coating of fresh asphalt over a patched driveway. Due to the nature of the material, the new layer bonds with the old, creating a surface that looks brand new for a fraction of the cost of a whole driveway replacement.

Asphalt is weather-resilient

A small crack in concrete lets water in, which then leads to further issues when the water freezes and expands. This can lead to wide cracks, uneven slabs, or crumbling pavement. Asphalt is more elastic than concrete, which means it expands and contracts with the temperature. The result is that cracks, although they do occur, are rarely as severe as an issue as one may see with concrete.

When damage does occur, patches also tend to be more weather resilient because an asphalt patch bonds with the existing paving and it will also expand and contract with the temperatures. A similar patch on concrete is more likely to pull away from the existing paving since concrete has less give.

Asphalt doesn't have to be gray

Dyed asphalt is an option that gives you a lot more creative options with your driveway. You can opt for a terracotta drive to complement your stucco home, for example. Concrete can also be dyed, but it isn't as malleable when it is poured so any kind of color blocking must be either painted on later or it will involve the complicated building of various concrete forms.

With asphalt, for example, you can have black asphalt poured for the main color, but have yellow asphalt poured in as well to create the lines of a driveway basketball court. With concrete, the lines would be painted on afterward. This means asphalt designs are more resistant to fading and chipping, while some concrete designs require annual repainting.

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