Basic Plumbing Supplies That Should Be In Your Home

If there is one system that you rely on within your home each day, your plumbing system would be at the top of the list. Maintaining functional plumbing fixtures is essential to the comfort and health of your family. Many homeowners can make minor repairs to address a leaking faucet or a malfunctioning toilet.

To make these repairs when the need arises, you will need to have some basic plumbing supplies at your disposal. Pick up these items the next time you are at your local plumbing supply store so that you will be prepared to face plumbing problems head-on in the future.

Plumber's Tape

One of the most versatile types of supplies that you can purchase from a plumbing supply store is plumber's tape. This tape is created specifically for plumbing applications, and it can maintain its stickiness when exposed to water.

Plumber's tape allows you to ensure that the threads on any screw-on faucet heads, bolts, or other plumbing components are snug. Without plumber's tape, water might leak out of these connection points once you have completed the repair process. Plumber's tape is an inexpensive investment that could pay off big time when it comes to repairing your plumbing.

Basin Wrench

Having the right tools available to you will help streamline any plumbing repair that you need to make within your home in the future. Accessing the nuts and bolts that secure sink faucets in place can be nearly impossible without the right tools.

A basin wrench is designed specifically for those hard-to-reach sink fasteners. Since a basin wrench really isn't used for anything else, you probably don't have one in your toolbox. Pick up a basin wrench the next time you visit a plumbing supply store to ensure you are prepared for faucet repairs.


A clogged toilet can have disastrous consequences. When your toilet is unable to drain properly, water and raw sewage can spill out of the bowl and onto the floor of your home. Having a plunger available can help you dislodge minor clogs to restore proper function to your toilet.

Not all plungers are created equal, so you should head to your local plumbing supply store to find a quality plunger. Look for a plunger with a beehive design and a large cup that can generate maximum air and water pressure. A plunger with a T-handle can be more comfortable to use, so look for this characteristic as you shop for a new plunger as well.

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