Pool Features To Consider That Could Make Using The Pool Easier

If you're looking at pools and want to find the right design for you, you have to look at more than just the shape or the obvious features like diving boards. Each aspect of the pool makes it easier or harder for you to enjoy it, not to mention making the pool easier or harder to repair. As you choose your pool design, think about the people who will be using the pool and what they will need over time -- and how the features would affect your ability to maintain the pool, too.

Set-Back Steps

Some pools, such as basic L-shaped pools, have the steps set back from the main section of the pool. In other words, you have a basic rectangular pool that is fairly deep with an extension that is much shallower and that also holds the steps into the pool. Steps like these offer two advantages. One is that people entering the pool don't have to swim right out into the fray if there are lots of others in the pool. Another advantage is that people who are just learning to swim have a small, sheltered area between the steps and the edge of the main swimming zone in which to get used to the water.

Lap Lengths

Another consideration is the length of the pool. Assuming you aren't trying to squeeze a pool into a tiny section of your yard, you might want to look at having a pool that's long. This would give you a good stretch of uninterrupted lap space, excellent if you or another family member is on a school swim team or is trying to get a specific amount of exercise each day. Another advantage here is that pool covers may be easier to find, and repairs to the lining of the pool could be easier as there are no curves to make replacing a liner more difficult.

Parental Monitoring

If you are a parent with small kids who aren't the best swimmers yet, you might want to look at figure-8 pools. These have a narrow middle and wider ends, like an hourglass, and you can make half of the pool a lot shallower than the rest. The cinched middle gives children a good visual border; instead of telling them to just stay in the shallow end, which is a fairly vague command, you can tell them not to go into or past the middle of the pool. That will be easier for them to follow.

Lagoon-Style Pools

If you really want a tropical look in your yard and want a lagoon-style pool, take a look at having the pool installed in tiers. The main swimming area should still be large, but you can have graduated smaller pools leading up to the bigger one (you'd enter the next level via steps between the pools). The shallower pools can be nice places to sit, or you can use them to teach people to swim. Waterfall effects are optional. These pools do require more maintenance in general, especially because there is usually plant life surrounding the pool, but repairs can be easier because it's easier to isolate sections of the pool. You could have certain areas still open for swimming while another level undergoes repair.

Swimming pool installers and repair companies can give you an idea of the features they've had the least and most issues with. Contact them before making your final decision so that you are prepared for owning a pool with a minimum of fuss. Check with a company like Heritage Pool Plastering, Inc. for more help.