What To Consider When Choosing A Well Drilling Provider

When you own a property in a rural area, having a water well on-site is critical to proper water access. An important part of accomplishing this goal is to partner with a well drilling service provider that is best suited to meet your needs. Before signing a contract, make certain you know what factors to research when choosing a drilling provider.

Written Bid Detail

When a drilling provider comes to your property to examine the cost associated with drilling a new well, they may toss out a figure and then provide you with a detailed bid offering a more accurate assessment of the costs. Try to partner with those companies that provide very detailed bids.

The reason this is so important is that the more detailed the bid, the more accurately you can evaluate the cost associated with the project. A detailed bid won't just include the final cost of the project, but it will also provide specific details on the project, including materials and days of work. Remember, when it comes to a bid, more is always better.


It's also a good idea to verify the credentials the drilling contractor has before starting a partnership. Part one of this process is verifying that they have the proper licensing for the state in which they are operating. You also want to find out what professional organizations they are a part of, such as the National Ground Water Association (NGWA), and whether or not they are licensed and bonded.

These factors are key to ensuring the drilling is completed correctly and that your property is protected. You should also verify their credentials when it comes to drilling on properties that are similar to yours in terms of the landscape and the type of soil in the area.

Equipment Availability

Well drilling is an intense process, and as a result, it is not a process you should expect to have completed in a matter of a few short days. However, at the same time, the process should also not take an excessive amount of time to complete.

The longer the process takes, the higher your labor costs and the longer you're stuck living with your property in a state of chaos. To avoid this, look for those drilling companies that have access to an adequate fleet of equipment. Lack of access can lead to project delays and extend the amount of time it takes so access is critical.

The drilling company you select is a very important step so ensure you are choosing the right company to meet your needs. To begin your search, check out a company like Russell Well Drilling.