3 Tips For Saving Money On The Use Of Your New Electric Water Heater

If you have recently needed to install a new electric water heater, it is a good idea to be aware that there are several ways you can save money on its use. Common examples include providing extra insulation to the pipes and to the unit itself, including under the tank. Doing so at the time of installation is usually best and it is often possible to obtain reasonably priced coverings to aid in the process. In addition, you can also money on heating your water if you are willing to reduce the temperature that the unit uses. Even doing the bulk of your laundry, dishwashing and showering during off-peak times can result in savings each month. To gain a better understanding of each of those options, it is a good idea to consider the following information.


While the majority of new water heaters are likely to come with at least some insulation, it is important to understand that some may not Therefore, you need to not only be aware of which areas should be insulated, but to also know how to check if the unit has been adequately insulated. The Department Of Energy suggests touching the water tank and, if it is hot to the touch, adding more insulation.

In addition, electric water heaters are at special risk of losing some heat from the bottom of the tank. As a result, it is often necessary to provide insulation to that area with the use of a pre-fitted cloth or blanket. You should also verify that the pipes transporting the water away from the tank are insulated in order to prevent the water cooling before it even gets to where it is needed. 

#2-Re-consider How Hot You Need Your Water To Be

It is easy to forget that whenever you are not using the hot water, you are just paying for it to stay at the pre-determined temperature for significant periods of time. If you are willing to assess that temperature and drop it by even a degree or two, you can expect to save some money. The Department of Energy has also made a statement about insulating pipes and they have reported that it is possible to reduce wasted energy from the tank by up to 45% and up to 16% in the costs of using the hot water tank.     

Remember that if you still want to enjoy long, hot showers or baths, you can always choose to turn up the hot water heater at least 30 minutes prior to the time you want to do so. That would provide you with the almost-scalding water you prefer and you can then simply turn the temperature down when you no longer need it.  

#3-Use The Hot Water During Off-peak Hours

Another way to save money on your hot water heater is to make a concentrated effort to primarily use the hot-water at off-peak times. Off-peak times refer to the time of day that more energy is used in your area and it will vary from one location to the next. You should be able to determine those times by contacting your energy company. 

When you have that information, you can set the dishwasher to wash the night's dishes in the middle of the night or early in the afternoon. Alternatively, you can get everyone in your home to bathe at non-traditional times, if possible. Regardless, when the cost to run your electric water heater is reduced, it only makes sense that you will see a corresponding savings on your electric bill.    

In conclusion, a new electric water heater provides an ideal opportunity for assessing the way you use hot water in your home and determining if there any cost-saving measures you can implement. Therefore, the following information will be very useful when you want to save money on the cost of your hot water in the future. Contact a company like Towers Murray Plumbing  for more tips.