Two Signs Your Home's Electrical System Can't Handle The Electric Load

These days, households are using more electricity than in the past. People have more electrical devices that are plugged in, including security systems, cameras, cell phone chargers, and computers. Unfortunately, this means that older homes may not be able to handle the electric load that homeowners place on them. Knowing the signs that your home's electrical system or panel needs to be upgraded can help ensure your home will support the electrical load it is carrying and prevent blown fuses and even electrical fires. Here are two of the key signs that your home's current electrical system cannot handle the electric load you are placing on it.

Tripping Circuits

One of the tell-tale signs that your electrical system is not able to withstand the load you place it under is tripping circuits and blown fuses. If you go to plug in and use a vacuum or cell phone charger, and then the power goes out to that portion of your home, you have either tripped the outlet or blown a fuse. This is something that is semi normal and can happen every once in a while, even if your home can handle the electric load. However, if this happens multiple times, you know that your circuit or outlets are not designed to provide you with as much power as you are using.

Your Panel Box Makes a Hissing Noise

Another major sign that your home's electrical system is unable to withstand the electrical load you place on it is a hissing panel box. If you walk by the panel box and here a hissing sound coming from it, the fuses are straining to provide enough power to the circuits that power your home. This will ultimately cause the circuits to wear, which eventually can cause them to blow. If you hear any strange noises come from your panel box, you will want to get it inspected quickly.

If your electrical system is displaying any of these signs, you will want to have your electrical system examined by a residential electrical contractor. They can examine your system and determine what upgrades, if any, can be done to remedy the situation. In certain cases, you may need your entire home rewired and a new panel box installed. An electrician can help you come up with the best plan of action to support the electrical load you place on your electrical system while keeping your home and family safe.