How To Reuse An Old Garage Door After Selecting A New One

If you are getting a new garage door due to issues with yor old one, the upgarade can make your home safer and easier to utilize. The biggest issue with changing out a garage door is not knowing what to do with the old door. If you are stuck with a second garage door after getting your garage repaired, here are some ways that you can recycle or reuse the old door so that you turn the waste into something useful for your home as well. 

Make it the swinging fence door

If you have a fence that is similar to you neighbors or looks boring, you may want to look for ways to spice it up. Once you take down your garage door, you can cut it into the appropriate size for your fence door. After you have cut the garage door down to size, install the hinges and attach the piece of the old door to your fence opening. This will give you a cool, custom fence door opening that looks different than the rest of the neighborhood. 

Create a dog house

If you have a dog that spends some of his time outside, it is always a good idea to have a place where he can go to get away from the heat. Use your old garage door to create a custom dog house for your beloved pet. Cut the pieces into four walls, a bottom, and a roof that is tall enough for your pet. Be sure to add a cushion material to the bottom that is comfortable for your pet to lay on. In front, install a dog door that will allow for a breeze to flow through. Your pet will appreciate a sturdy home and you can reuse the old door. 

Create a closet

Yet another way you can reuse a garage door is to make a closet for yourself. Cut the pieces into three sections that you can place against the wall to make a closet. Like a closet, you will need one long front door and two short pieces that act as the side closures. . Glue or hinge a railing to the closet so that you can hang clothing items. If you wish, paint the exterior of the closet to match your home or to make it its own cool dressing space. This will give you extra room for all of your household items without having to actually make improvements to your home.

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