How Water Damage Can Affect Different Material In Your Home

If water has recently flooded your home, you need to be aware of how the water has affected all of the material inside of your home. Here is a quick guide to how water damage could potentially harm the structure of your home, even after the water has retreated.


There is a strong chance that your flooring may have been damaged beyond repair if your home has been flooded, especially if the water came from outside or from your sewer. Any flooring that is really porous, such as carpet, may have to be professionally cleaned or even ripped out, depending on how much water was in your house and how long it was there.

Laminate flooring can also become damaged beyond repair, especially if it is attached to a foam rubber backing. Your laminate flooring may absorb too much water and need to be replaced.

If you have wood flooring, it depends on how long the wood was submerged in the water.  If it was submerged for days, the wood may have become bloated and warped, and it now need to be removed. If it was submerged for a short period of time, you may be able to dry out the wood with heaters and air blowers.

Wallboard & Drywall

When your house is flooded by excessive water, you need to be prepared to replace your wallboards and drywall. Both of those materials are really porous and will absorb a lot of the water. Even if you are able to dry them out, the structural integrity of these items will most likely be compromised, which means you will still need to replace them.


If you have plaster on your walls or ceiling, you may be able to save it. Plaster is a very thick material that is not especially porous. You just need to make sure that you allow extra dry time for any plaster in your home; it takes longer than other material to dry out.

If any of your plaster becomes warped or cracked, you'll want to replace it.

Electrical Wiring & Pipes

Flood waters can break your pipes and can also strip your electrical wiring. Have an experienced plumber and electrician check out any pipes and wiring that could have potentially been damaged by the flood before you use those pipes and wires again. These items may be okay; however, it is always best to check before you turn on your faucets or flip the switch.