3 Ways To Fix Up A Smaller Bathroom With Painting

Introducing paint to your bathroom can be a great way to make a big difference in the way that your home looks, along with even adding value to your home. If you're interested in ways to make your smaller bathroom look larger with the addition of paint and are unsure of which painting projects to tackle, it's a smart idea to look into what ways you can bring paint into the space for the most meaningful impact.

Paint the Frame of the Mirror

If your bathroom mirror is already framed, either with wood or vinyl, it's a good idea to consider painting the frame. Many people don't realize how much of an impact painting the mirror frame can make, leading to you being unsure of what kind of change you'll notice. Luckily, painting the mirror frame takes very little paint and time, allowing you to add a pop of color to the bathroom without much time invested.

The little paint needed also makes it easy to experiment with different paint colors in the future.

Repaint the Cabinets

Painting the front of your bathroom cabinets can go a long way towards altering the way that your bathroom looks. Many bathrooms quickly look outdated and cramped due to a poor choice in color for the bathroom cabinets, making it a smart idea to tackle this aspect of your bathroom first.

Repainting the cabinets should be as simple as removing the front of the cabinets, sanding them down, priming, and repainting with the color of your choice.

Add Color to the Walls

One of the easiest ways to make a big difference in the way that your bathroom looks is by simply painting the walls. Many people don't realize that painting the walls can be quite affordable and can provide you with a good way to make your smaller bathroom feel more personal to you. When choosing a color for the walls, consider what other features are in your bathroom—such as the color of the hardware, the sink vanity, and even the shower curtain and towels.

How neutral you should remain in terms of the color choice has a lot to do with whether you intend on selling your home anytime soon or would rather choose a color with a more drastic impact.

Painting your bathroom can make a big difference in how large the room feels and even make it easier to enjoy the room—despite the cramped size. Along with painting the walls, there are a number of ways that you can make a big difference in the way your bathroom feels with the ideas above. Contact an interior painting service for help.