3 Tips For Renting Portable Restrooms For Your Outdoor Wedding

Many couples spend a significant amount of time and money planning their wedding. With the average wedding drawing about 136 guests, providing enough restroom space can be a challenge for any outdoor venue. Investing in some portable restrooms could be a viable solution.

If you don't want your wedding to be tainted by the traditional image of a portable restroom, then you will need to plan ahead to ensure your wedding restrooms don't make the wrong impression. Here are three important things to keep in mind when renting portable restrooms for your outdoor wedding.

1. Be sure to rent enough restrooms to accommodate your guests.

Providing access to a restroom can be beneficial, but only if your guests can easily access the facilities when needed. Having enough restrooms on-site is essential, but many couples aren't sure how many portable units to invest in when it comes to planning for their big day.

The number of toilets you will need is dependent on several factors. A good rule of thumb is to provide at least one restroom for every 50 people invited to your wedding. If you plan to have an open bar then you might want to add a few extra rentals toilets to your list, since alcohol makes people urinate 30% to 40% more often than usual.

2. Give your guests a quality experience with luxury trailers.

Upgrading your portable toilet rental to a luxury trailer will help you give your guests a better restroom experience. Since most weddings are formal events, it's likely that your guests will be dressed in some of their finest clothing.

A luxury trailer offers many of the amenities of a brick and mortar restroom (like private stalls and running water in sinks) without the need for permanent plumbing access. Investing in a luxury bathroom trailer will allow you to maintain the ambiance you want at your wedding without sacrificing your guests' ability to use the facilities.

3. Be sure to rent your portable toilets well in advance of your wedding.

Many outdoor weddings take place during the warm summer months. If you are planning a summer wedding, you will need to ensure that you secure your portable toilets early.

Summer tends to be busy when it comes to outdoor festivals and other events, and many portable toilet companies will not have units available for rent if you wait until the last minute. Contact a rental company as soon as you finalize your guest list to ensure your outdoor wedding will have the toilets your guests need to be comfortable.

Planning for portable toilets at your wedding isn't the most luxurious task, but it is something that could have a significant impact on your guests' comfort level during your celebration. To learn more, visit a website like http://septicandwater.com.