Tips For DIY Inground Pool Liner Installation

If your inground pool developed a crack from the cold temperatures this last winter, then you will be pleased to learn that you can install a vinyl pool liner as an inexpensive way to fix the leak. While installing a liner is not terribly complicated, there are many things you can do to make the process a lot easier on yourself and your helper.

Below are some tips to help you successfully patch your inground swimming pool's crack by installing a vinyl liner on top of the existing pool's structure:

Completely Drain and Clean the Swimming Pool

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when they tackle the project of installing their own vinyl pool liner is that they do not completely clean out the swimming pool prior to the installation. Even small rocks and pebbles will be felt through the liner by swimmer's feet. As people walk on the bottom of the pool, the rocks will work holes into the new vinyl liner and it will leak.

To prevent damage from rocks and dirt under the liner, use a shop vacuum and clean your swimming pool until it has no remaining dust, dirt, or rocks in it. When you think it is clean, then make one more pass over every inch of the pool with the shop vacuum just to be sure.

Choose a Hot Day to Install the New Liner

By placing the liner in the hot sun for a few hours before you attempt to install it, the vinyl will warm up and soften. The softening allows you to more easily remove and wrinkles in the vinyl and will result in a nice flat installation once the pool has been filled with water.

Avoid Overstretching the Liner

Finally, it can not be stated enough that you need to be careful that you do not overstretch the vinyl liner. You need to stretch the liner just a bit as you install it. If you stretch the liner to point where it starts to change its color, even ever so slightly, then you have stretched it too far.

Expect Some Lingering Bubbles Until the Pool Has Been Filled With Water

When installing the new liner on your cracked swimming pool, aim to remove the wrinkles and rub out the larger air bubbles, but do not expect that the liner will be completely flat before you fill the pool up with water. The water will press against the liner and help to smooth it out. By monitoring the pool as it fills back up with water, you can continue to stretch the liner a bit and remove the air bubbles.