Considering A Home Addition But You Worry About Finding A Contractor? What To Know

If you're looking for a general contractor to do some work on your home or to build a home, there are a few different ways you can go about finding the contractor you need. You want to make sure that you find a licensed contractor that you trust, and you want to start with a list of names so you have some options when making your final decision.

Often it's cheaper to build up than to build out, because you don't have to add a concrete slab or foundation. Here are some places to start looking so that you can find the builder that you need for your project.

Better Business Bureau

When you search online at the Better Business Bureau website you can look up local contractors to see what they have their business name registered as, or if they are listed as a sole proprietor. Here you can see what the BBB rates their services and you can read comments and reviews from other people that have used the contractors. This is a great source for finding and evaluating contractors.

Local Building Companies

The local building companies have general contractors that work on the construction projects. If you're considering building a home call around to the different companies that have galleries and pictures of houses that you like, and set up appointments to meet with the contractors. You can get the answers to the structural questions you have and other information when you go directly through the contractor instead of a sales associate.

Word of Mouth

Ask the local supply companies and trade companies that do work for independent contractors if they have any recommendations or suggestions. They should see who makes the purchases for wood, building supplies and more, and suppliers often have relationships with a variety of contractors. Many don't advertise their services but you can find them if you ask the right people. Companies that frame houses or pour foundations also may have good recommendations for building or renovation contractors they frequently work with.

Some state of a general contractors registry where you can see who is registered in your area, and search for contractors that way. You need to have a general contractor if you want to make any major or structural changes to the home, or if you want to construct a new home. The building contractors will have different fees they expect you to pay so you want to compare the costs of the general contractors before deciding which one is the best for your project. By following these tips, you can find the perfect contractor for your home addition service.