How To Replace A Bent Railing On A Chain-Linked Fence

High winds and ice storms can cause a lot of tree branches to fall over the winter in much of the country. The branches can be heavy and cause a lot of damage to anything underneath them when they fall – including the rails on your chain-linked fences. The easiest way to repair the fence is to just replace the damaged rail. Here is how you can replace a damaged rail on your chain-linked fence.

Step One: Disconnect the Fence

The fence will be tied to the rails using wire ties. You'll want to remove all the wire ties from the damaged rail and from a rail section next to the damaged section. You need to remove the ties from a section next to the damaged section so you can pull it out to make room to slip the new rail into the undamaged rails a little later in the process.

Step Two: Remove Damaged Rail

Put a blade to cut steel on a reciprocating saw and cut the rail in half. Slide the damaged rail out of the ends of the undamaged rails and through the loop caps on the fence posts. You can throw the two pieces of pipe into the recycling bin at this point.

Take the loop caps off of the fence posts the damaged rail was set on. The loop caps are the caps that the rail slides through on top of the fences posts that keeps the rails from falling down. You should also take the loop cap off of the top of the post the undamaged rail you removed the wire ties from runs through

You may have to use a mallet or hammer and a small pry bar to pound the loops caps off of the posts.

Step Three: Replace Rail

The new fence rail will come with an open end that is the same diameter as the rail and a tapered end that is about half the diameter of the rail. Place the open end into the tapered end of the undamaged rail still on the fence. Slide on the loop caps you took off of the fence posts onto the replacement rail. You will need to pull one end of the undamaged rail out toward you to create the room you need to angle the tapered end of the new rail into the open end of the other undamaged rail on the other side of where the damaged rail was located. Placing the rails like this will give you a slight "V" look. Press on the point of the V to force the two ends of the new rail into the two ends of the undamaged rails.

Slide the loop caps over the fence posts and pound them into place with a mallet. Reconnect the fence to the rails with the wire ties to finish.

For assistance, talk to a professional like General Fence Company.