Tips to Strengthen Windows and Doors During Hurricane Season

During a hurricane, your home's windows and doors are particularly vulnerable to damage from high winds and heavy rain. Fortunately, fortifying these areas can help you avoid significant damage and maintain the security of your home. Here are some considerations to make so that you can shore up your windows and doors.


High winds can easily blow out the glass in your windows and leave your home's furnishings exposed to damaging weather conditions. To help strengthen your windows, you can apply a hurricane film to them. The film is unobtrusive and does not need to be removed when hurricane season is over.

The film does not keep your windows from breaking, but it does stop shards of glass from flying out of the frame. If you and your family are sheltering in place during a hurricane, the application of the film could save all of you from dangerous flying glass.

Another more permanent method of protecting your windows is to install storm shutters. The shutters offer the same protection as plywood placed over the windows, but they are easier to put into place. You can simply close the shutters when a hurricane is expected for easy protection.

Depending on the type of shutters you select, some light may be allowed in while they are deployed. The shutters should be professionally installed to ensure they are secure.


Although your home's exterior doors might seem secure, they could still be damaged in a hurricane. Strong winds can cause your exterior doors to buckle, which could not only lead to damage to your home's furnishings, but also pose a security risk.

One method of ensuring that your doors are properly prepared is to install more hinges, if needed. Three hinges provide more stability than two hinges. You also need to check the nails and screws holding the door in place to ensure they are properly anchored to the home.

Installing impact doors is also an option. These doors are specially designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Before installing impact doors, check your local building codes. Some municipalities have strict codes in place for impact doors. For instance, you might be required to purchase doors that are designed to withstand debris flying at certain speeds.  

Preparing now for the hurricane season can help you avoid making rushed decisions later. Consult with professionals who are experienced in hurricane preparation to find other ways you can ensure that your windows and doors are able to weather the season.