How To Remove And Install Decorative Drawer Fronts

Remodeling your kitchen is a very smart investment. One of the first things to consider is your cabinets. You don't need to fully tear out your old cabinets to effectively remodel them. One great alternative is to change the decorative door and drawer fronts. You can custom order new doors and drawers and easily install them on your own. Hanging new doors is by far the easiest part. Removing and attaching the drawer fronts is much more difficult. So, this article runs you through the process of how to install the drawer fronts.

Removing the Drawer Fronts

First, this job is much easier if you completely remove the drawers from the cabinet and work on them somewhere else. Set up a work table outside or in the garage where you can comfortably work on them. Most decorative drawer fronts are added after the initial construction of the drawer box. They are attached to the actual box with screws that come from the inside of the box. The screw heads are usually visible along the backside of the form of the box. Unscrew them with a power drill. If this does not free the drawer front from the box, it could be glued as well. If so, you will need a hammer and chisel to separate them. If there is glue residue on the front of the drawer box, you will need to sand or scrape it off until the surface is perfectly flat.

Attaching the New Drawer Front

If you need to paint or stain the fronts, you should do it before they are attached to the drawer. Attaching the new drawer fronts is similarly easy, but you will need to make sure that they are correctly leveled. To do this you will need a nail gun. Put the drawer box in the drawer and push it all the way closed. Then, hold the door front in place with a small level. It is important to make sure the door is perpendicular to the countertop, even if it is not perfectly level with the floor. You cannot assume that the entire cabinet system is perfectly level, so you just want to make it even with the existing countertop and door lines.

Once you have the drawers in the right position, quickly shoot in two nails through the front. These two nails will leave small holes that you can easily patch over with a dot of wood putty. Finally, open the door and add a couple of screws to the backside of the box to further secure the drawer front. Finally, you can install the drawer hardware

This simple kitchen cabinet remodel will make your entire room look different. The drawers and doors are the most vital decorative elements of any cabinet system.

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