2 Easy Home Decor Projects Using Leftover Supplies From The Hardware Store

If you run your own construction company, you know that it can often take several trips to the hardware store to purchase the supplies needed to complete a job. Once a construction project is finished, it's likely that you have supplies left over. Rather than just throwing these hardware store items away, you can give them new life by turning them into crafty home decor items.

Here are two projects that will add interest to your home while making use of leftover hardware store items.

1. Wood Shim Table Runner

Table runners can be a great way to protect your tabletops from water damage or scuffs that can be caused by centerpieces when you don't want to keep a full tablecloth on your dining table. Wood shims, which are wooden spacers used to align gaps in wood projects, can easily be converted into a stylish table runner.

All you need are some leftover shims, a little bit of stain, a piece of fabric that is slightly narrower than the length of your shims, and a hot glue gun. Start out by staining the shims in a color that matches the interior of your home.

Once the stain has dried, lay your shims out in a pattern that is aesthetically pleasing on the fabric strip. Lift each shim, apply some hot glue to the fabric, and secure the shim in place. The finished product is an elegant table runner that helps to recycle some of your leftover hardware store items.

2. Plumbing Pipe Curtain Rod

If you have spare plumbing parts on your job site, these can serve as excellent materials for DIY home decor. One simple project you can complete with leftover plumbing pipe from the hardware store is a plumbing pipe curtain rod.

To complete this project you will need (2) 3/4 inch floor brackets, (2) 3/4 inch by 1 1/2 inch nipples, (2) 3/4 inch 90 degree elbows, and a pipe measured to the length of your window. Assemble the floor flanges, nipples, and elbows to create two separate rod holders that will be drilled into the wall.

Thread your pipe through the elbows, and it will become a curtain rod. Be sure that you wear a good set of gardening gloves while completing this project to ensure that you don't cut your hands on the pipe's threading.

Finding new ways to use surplus hardware store items in your home doesn't have to be difficult. Use leftover shims to make a table runner, or turn your spare plumbing parts into a curtain rod, and you will be on your way to breathing new life into old construction hardware. For more information, or to pick up the materials you still need for your products, visit a hardware store like A & B Malibu Plumbing.