Remodeling Your Bathroom With An Emphasis On Safety

Designing a safe bathroom is a priority for many homeowners. These safe bathroom design choices will help protect against slips, trips, falls, electrocution and other common household bathroom accidents.

GFCI Outlets

GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. GFCI outlets are designed to shut down in the event that electricity starts to flow in a path that it shouldn't take. GFCI outlets protect against electrocution and are generally installed in bathrooms and kitchens as a standard in modern bathrooms. If your older home doesn't have GFCI outlets in the bathroom and kitchen, your children, and even the adults in your home, could be at risk. To prevent accidental electrocution, replace your old outlets with new, upgraded GFCI outlets.

Fixtures with Rounded Corners

If you do slip and fall in the bathroom, rounded corners on fixtures like the sink and bathtub are safer than sharp corners. Install fixtures that have rounded corners to prevent injury in the event of a fall.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are most often affiliated with the elderly, but they're helpful for everyone—especially young children who know how to walk but aren't always steady on their feet. Installing grab bars on your bathtub or shower wall will give you something sturdy to hold on to if you slep in the bathroom.

Storage Shelves on the Shower Walls

Stooping down in the shower to reach for shampoo and soap can cause you to lose your balance. Installing a shower wall that includes storage shelves at varying heights will reduce the threat of losing your balance in the shower. If a member of your family is elderly, consider installing a seat in the shower wall where a person can sit down while washing.

Hand Shower Head

Hand shower heads are connected to the water supply by a flexible hose. This flexible hose allows the user to move the shower head during the bathing procedure. Hand shower heads are safe because they require less movement from the bather and therefore reduce chances of slipping and falling in the shower.

Tempered Glass Shower Doors

Installing glass shower doors in your bathtub or shower area will let in extra light during shower and bath time, making it easier to see while cutting back on chances of slips, trips and falls in the shower. Shower glass doors must be made of tempered glass, also known as "safety glass," which is extra strong and breaks into relatively harmless pieces.

Following these tips, your bathroom remodel will make your bathroom a safer place to be. For more information, speak with your remodeling contractor or a bathroom fixtures supplier like Shower Doors & More.