Address Common Bed Liner Questions And Concerns

If you are like most truck owners, you subject your vehicle to a constant stream of abuse and use. In particular, it is not uncommon for the bed of the truck to suffer deep scratches and dents from the various items that you will be moving in it. While it is possible to install a bed liner to help reduce this wear on your truck, there are some questions that new truck owners may have about getting this routine upgrade done to their vehicles. 

Do You Need To Wait For The Bed Liner To Dry?

There is a common misconception that you will have to wait for the bed liner to fully dry before you will be able to drive the truck or use the bed. Luckily, this is not the case, and these liners are usually ready for minimal use as soon as you pick up your truck. 

However, it should be noted that you should avoid moving extremely heavy objects, and you should keep the bed dry for several hours after you pick up the truck. While the bed liner will be dried enough for gentle use, heavy objects and moisture can weaken the ability of the adhesive to bond with your truck's frame. The end result of this would be a liner that is not fully stable, but simply waiting several hours before heavy use can help you avoid this common problem encountered by new truck owners. 

Do Bed Liners Require Special Care When Washing Them?

The bed of your truck is likely to amass an almost shocking amount of dirt in the time that you have the vehicle, and it will eventually be necessary for you to wash out the truck's bed. Sadly, there are some individuals that are unaware of the dangers of using harsh acidic cleaners for this task, and while they may seem like an effective solution, they can lead to permanent damage to your liner. This occurs because these acids can eat holes through the liner, and they can leave the liner discolored. 

To avoid this issues, you should always use a gentle cleaning solution on this part of the truck. Ideally, you should use dish soap for this task because it can loosen and remove impacted dirt without causing major damage to your liner. 

Having a bed liner installed on your truck can be an excellent way of dramatically extending the lifespan of the vehicle's bed. Unfortunately, there are many people that fail to understand the basics of this routine truck addition. By knowing the importance of letting the new liner cure before subjecting it to heavy use and the dangers of acidic cleaners, you can keep your liner safe from some of the most common causes of damage and failure. 

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