Recycle And Reuse: 4 Ways To Give New Life To Your Old Gutters

Recycling is very important today, and there's a way to recycle just about anything and everything. From old tires to glass bottles, individuals with creative imaginations can give worn out stuff a brand new life. One item that most people likely haven't considered as a reusable material is roof gutters. Whether it is your old gutters from a recent replacement or leftover new materials from the installation, there are a number of ways to reuse the material. Here are four:

Keep Your Beverages Chilled

If you enjoy entertaining or being outside and want to ensure that your beverages are kept close by and cool, then you may want to consider replacing a piece of a picnic table with a gutter. You can fasten the gutter to the picnic table with a few metal clips. You can then fill the gutter with plenty of ice and place your beverages in the ice to have ice-cold drinks an arm's length away. Alternatively, you can cap the ends of a gutter and place it on the bar or on a table and use it the same way.

Design Your Own Bookshelf

Don't spend a fortune on a brand new bookshelf from the local furniture store when you can head to the hardware store and purchase a few gutters to create your own. Bolt the gutters to the wall in the design that you desire and place your books upright in the gutter against the wall for easy display and access.

Grow Some Plants or Herbs

If you have any leftover gutters from your most recent gutter install, you can use the material to create your own mini garden. Cap off each end so that you can fill it with potting soil. Don't forget to poke some small holes in the bottom of the gutter for adequate water drainage. Once the oil is in, plant a few seeds, water them and watch them grow.

Serve Ice Cream at a Party

You can also use an excess piece of gutter as an ice cream serving station at a party. Wash the gutter thoroughly and completely. You may want to consider lining it with a sanitary material, such as parchment paper or foil, just in case. Next, just scoop in the ice cream and add your favorite toppings. This works great for any large party, especially if kids are involved. Apart from being a unique approach to serving ice cream, this gutter method also lessens your dishwasher load after the party!

As you can see, gutters aren't only for catching water from the roof. There are numerous uses for gutters; all you have to do is use your imagination. So, next time you have your gutters replaced, make sure to keep the old ones or any excess new material so that you can put it to use.