Why Is Your Demolition Bill So High?

So, you've done your research on the cost of a demolition job and you're shocked: you had no idea it was going to cost so much. There is a lot that goes on with the average demolition job and you have to help pay for much of it. Thankfully, when all is said and done, it'll still be much cheaper (and easier) to have somebody do it for you. Here's some reasons why the demolition project will still cost you a pretty penny.

Hazardous Material Inspection

If you haven't already had your building inspected for hazardous material, your demolition company will find somebody for you. Naturally, you'll have to pay for it. Hazardous material, such as lead and asbestos, must be removed from the premises before your building can be destroyed.

And with a cost estimate with a range of $1,500 to $5,000, it's going to cost you. Unfortunately, you simply can't back out of this one: if you fail to test and demolish your building, you may get in serious criminal trouble, as you'll be endangering the health and well-being of hundreds of people.

Safety Costs

Demolition is a dangerous job and demolition companies have to follow very strict safety guidelines and rules to protect their worker's from harm. This means they'll be trained on how to handle and install explosives, correct demolition procedures, and even first aid and CPR training in case of an emergency.

On top of that, they also have to provide safety materials, such as hard hats and gloves, to every employee. Now, you're not likely to be paying your demolition company directly for these services. Instead, their prices will be slightly higher to off-set their own personal investment.

And don't forget: demolition companies almost always have to pay high demolition insurance to protect their employees, the city, and themselves. Again, you won't have to pay for their premium, but it does force them to add a little extra to their bills.


Once everything is said and done, you're going to have to pay the workers wages as well. Often, that is the most expensive part of the demolition: after all, a dozen people may be working on your job at once. And if they're working for $30/hour or more, you're talking a major investment.

After investing all that money in preparing your demolition, you can finally take comfort in actually seeing it come to fruition. And now that your building is demolished, you can move on in your life and make a new investment in the property. If you have any other questions, talk to a demolitions expert such as Honc Destruction as soon as possible.