How To Get Rid Of Mice In An Apartment

Living in an apartment isn't always easy. You sometimes have to hear your noisy neighbors, your parking space may be taken by someone else, you may smell odors from someone else's garbage, and you may even be getting someone else's rodents in your clean apartment. See below for some tips on how to help keep the mice out of your apartment.

Keep It Clean

Keeping your apartment clean and free of garbage will help a lot. Clean spills immediately, and take out garbage when needed (do not let it pile up). Clean your counters and floors to get rid of small crumbs and pieces of food particles. Also, clean your sink to get rid of any food remnants in your drain, and do not let dirty dishes pile up.

Use Hard Plastic Totes

Store your pantry food in hard plastic containers, with tight fitting lids. The plastic containers will be harder for mice to get into, as opposed to the cardboard boxes or thin bags that the food actually comes in.

Make Small Repairs

Be sure to have any holes repaired by either your building manager, or you can do it yourself. Fill the holes with steel wool, which is harder for mice to chew their way through. Be sure to use window screens when opening your windows. Never open up windows that do not have window screens, and do not open up front doors to allow mice to enter either. If you have a small crack at the bottom of your front door, you can purchase a door draft stop to help keep mice at bay.

Set Traps

If you still notice mice droppings or other signs of mice in your apartment, you can begin setting traps to help get rid of them. You can purchase a variety of different traps at your local hardware store. There are the older snap traps, glue traps, or, if you choose, more humane traps to catch the mice. There is also poisonous food squares that you can leave out for mice to eat. This is not recommended if you have pets or small children.

If you have a big problem, it may be time to contact your building manager to have a commercial pest control company come in to help take care of the problem. The commercial pest control company can make small repairs where the mice may be entering the building, and set and monitor traps to get rid of mice permanently.