3 Tips For Helping Your Parents Downsize

Helping your parents downsize from their current home to a smaller home can be more complicated than it might appear. Whereas you might see junk when you look at all the oversized furniture in your parents' living room, they might see treasured pieces that will be difficult to part with. Here are some tips to help your parents downsize while keeping your sanity.

Pace the Project

In an effort to quickly get the job over with, you might feel the need to speed through sorting and packing your parents' belongings. Although it can seem to be the more efficient option, it can take an emotional and physical toll on your parents. Remember, the items in your parents' home can represent memories.

Instead of pushing the project, take your time. Work with your parents to clear one room at a time. Doing this gives your parents time to assess all of their belongings and make a decision as to the fate of them on their own. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and bullied, your parents will feel as if they are in control of their positions and lives.

Know Your Targeted Charities

If your parents plan to donate part of their possessions, it is important you are familiar with the acceptance policies for the charities they want to use. Some charities only take certain items, such as furniture and clothing. Some will accept anything you drop off and dump the items they cannot sell.

You also need to know the pickup policy of the charities. If the charity does not offer free pickup, you will need to arrange for the disposal of your parents' unwanted items.

Use Junk Removal Services

Even if you donate a large share of your parents' belongings to charity and box up the rest, there is a good chance you will still have items that need to be disposed. A junk removal service like The Dump Guy can clear small and large items, including your parents' unwanted appliances and furniture.

If you do opt to use a junk removal service, ensure that you have everything that is going to be disposed of ready to go when the truck arrives. Being ill-prepared can result in higher fees from the junk removal service.

Even though it can take days or weeks to get your parents' possessions packed up and ready to go, it is important that you respect your parents' needs and take it at an easy pace.