Preventing Construction Site Theft: How Webcams Can Help

Construction site theft is a pretty common thing. People who steal rebar and metal materials take the materials to a recycling plant that pays them cash for the "hot" items. The recycling plants are unaware of the thefts, and they lose money once the stolen materials are traced back to them. As a construction contractor, it costs you money, too, because the materials are lost and recycled long before it is discovered where they have gone. Utilizing construction webcams provide you with the following benefits.

Webcams Provide Live Feeds

You could live twenty or thirty miles from the site you are contracted to build. That puts the site in a vulnerable position at night unless you hire security guards, and that gets really expensive. It is a much less expensive solution to purchase webcams to monitor your site. The webcams provide you with a live feed, with both sound and sight, of all of the activity on your site all night long. If you connect your home computer or laptop to the webcams, you can monitor your work site for any suspicious activity. You can also record what the cameras see, providing the police with vital visuals on the criminals should they steal or vandalize your site.

The Police Can Patch Into Your Webcam Feed

Additionally, with your permission and upon your request, the local police can patch into your webcam feeds. They can monitor your work site if and when suspicious activity spikes. The police have the training and expertise to look at the footage, both during and after the incidents, and get a good idea what the suspects look like. Then they can notify other police departments in the area what to look for.

Thieves and Vandals Are Apprehended Sooner

Because you have real-time, live footage of what goes on on your worksite, you and the police can figure out a pattern of behaviors and times that will pinpoint specifics about the criminals. This narrows down the list of suspects and helps police catch the criminals faster, cutting down on the cost of lost building materials, lost work hours and cuts in labor and wages. In addition to these benefits, the construction webcams save lives and reduce workforce injuries because you did not hire security guards to watch everything and put their lives in jeopardy against desperate thieves or vandals.

You May Even Get Your Stolen Materials Back

With any luck, the police will view your recorded webfeeds and catch the thieves before they "recycle" the stolen materials. Then you can get them back, or at least get their value back. The cameras are very effective at monitoring employees and work progress during the day, too, but you would have to connect a computer to all of them, all day, every day of the week.