Your Comprehensive Guide To Ridding Your Asphalt Driveway Of Weeds

Asphalt may be durable and tough when it comes to creating a parking area at your home, but it is never fool proof. Over time, tiny cracks and crevices can open up to allow just enough sunlight and moisture to the ground beneath to encourage the growth of unwanted plant life. When it comes to weeds, you could pluck and pull almost daily and still never rid your drive completely of the problem. If you want to get rid of the issue for good, there are a few things you can do to help get rid of a weed problem that keeps popping up in your asphalt paving.

Pass the Salt

Strangely enough most homeowners will spend a fortune on weed killer when they have all they need right in their kitchen cabinet. Regular table salt works well to eliminate roots of plants and will inhibit their ability to continue growing. One of the best things about salt is the tiny granules are small enough to shimmy their way into tiny cracks and crevices where the base roots of weeds are often hiding. If you choose to use salt to eliminate weeds at the surrounding perimeter of your drive keep in mind the salt will kill greenery of any kind, including the grass. Therefore, take caution to only use salt in areas where you want all plant life killed.

Seal the Deal

Salt and weed killed may be a good temporary solution, but you are actually just masking the problem temporarily. Without discrepancies in the asphalt paving, the weeds would not be able to thrive and grow at all. If you are having issues with weed growth in your pavement, this is typically an indicator that your driveway needs to be sealed. Asphalt sealer is a thin solution made of tar and polymers that cover the surface of the drive, but also seep into cracks and holes to create a bonded seal.

Asphalt sealing can be accomplished with products found at the local home improvement store and the process is fairly simple with a squeegee and the right preparation. However, asphalt paving contractors also offer this valuable service to homeowners.

Those unsightly weeds you have been battling for months can be better eliminated by understanding why you have weeds in your drive in the first place. Use this guide to help you get rid of unwanted growth and you will spend much less time tugging and pulling at plants growing where they should not be.