Thinking About Getting New Wood Flooring? Don't Forget To Look Into Your Options For Old-Growth Lumber

Wood flooring has soared in popularity in the last ten years as more people are enjoying the low maintenance, low price, and the allergen free components that come with wood flooring. While today's new wood flooring is lovely and perfectly great for any home or office, repurposed "old" wood flooring has some surprising advantages to new wood. Although repurposed wood does require more work to get it floor worthy, many people will tell you that it is well worth it. Here are some of the things that old repurposed or recycled wood floors can offer.

Greater Density

Old wood planks and beams have a distinctively denser nature than most of today's new wood floor planks. Since the older wood was originally harvested from "old growth" wood, the wood grain itself is denser and thicker. This gives these old boards and planks a greater amount of strength, and they are more impervious to damage.

Unique Look

Unlike today's manufactured wood planks and beams, old board and beams are more unique in color and texture. The aged look itself can be, and is often, used as is for indoor siding as well as flooring, joists and beams. The patina can be left as-is for the unique character, or it can be sanded off if the boards are to be used for flooring for a smooth surface.

Additionally, some types of old growth boards, such as walnut, are incredibly rare now and considered to be highly valuable. These old walnut boards feature natural colors of rich chocolate browns and rich purples that simply cannot be replicated by modern manufacturers.

Ecologically Friendly

When you choose to repurpose or recycle old wood into flooring, beams or siding for your home, you are also ensuring less waste – a valued resource will get a whole new life. Instead of an old barn simply falling into disrepair, the wood can be removed and reused in a beautiful way. This also cuts down on the amount of new trees that will be felled for flooring.

When recycling or repurposing this old growth wood, you get something uniquely beautiful that you can customize to your heart's content. Additionally, the denser wood will ensure that it lasts longer and can easily withstand daily use. Overall, there are many advantages to buying or using recycled or repurposed lumber for flooring. Many flooring manufacturers can also offer repurposed old-growth wood as well as new lumber, so be sure to ask about your options.  For more information, contact a local flooring company, like House Of Floors.