Should A Homebuyer Skip Homes With A Septic System?

When you are in the market for a new home, the question of whether or not to buy one that has a septic system can possibly come up. Septic systems are  more common than you might think, and there is a good chance that your dream home will be equipped with one. Instead of automatically ruling out homes with one, it is important that you learn more about them and what you can expect to experience.

Does the Septic System Impact Your Water?

The septic system does impact your water, but not in the way you might think. Your water and the septic system are independent of each other. The septic  system does not treat the water in any way. What it does do is make sure that the wastewater from your home does not contaminate your drinking water. 

The septic system is buried in the yard. The contaminants from your home are collected and transferred to the septic tank. The solids move to the bottom of the tank, leaving scum at the top.

The wastewater, or effluent, is between the scum and the solids. It is pushed out the tank into a drain field that is buried in your yard. The wastewater moves into the soil. The contaminants within the water are broken down and do not have any impact on the water your family uses in the home. 

Is There Maintenance Involved?

As with most things in your home, septic systems do require maintenance. You are not responsible for maintaining the system. You can arrange for a professional to regularly maintenance the system so that it stays in good working order. 

Depending on the size of your system, maintenance usually occurs every two to five years. You do have one responsibility though. You need to be aware of signs that there might be a clog in your system. 

If the system has a clog, you will notice that the drains in your home are operating slowly. You might also hear gurgling in the plumbing fixtures or smell bad odors occasionally.  

The cost of maintenance could be a few hundred dollars in your area. Fortunately, this is an expense you only have to worry about occasionally. 

Talk to your realtor about any concerns that you have about owning a home with a septic system. A home with a septic system is not a major issue and should not deter you from choosing a home that you love.