Choosing Roofing Shingles In Fort Collins CO

The type of roofing shingles in Fort Collins CO that you choose will depend on the type of home that you have. The most common styles of homes include Victorian, Colonial, Tudor, Craftsman, Mediterranean, French Country, Ranch, Mountain and Modern, One important aspect to consider when choosing the best roofing shingles in Fort Collins CO is to choose the ones best suited to your home. Victorian homes work best with Grand Slate or Country Mansion shingles since they compliment the bold choices of coloring. The best colors of shingles are blended grays or reds. Colonial homes are common in the Northeast and Central parts of the country and work well with Camelot or Grand Slate shingles. Colors that work best are blacks and grays. Tudor homes have pitched roofs work well with Slateline or Camelot style shingles in grays and browns. Since Craftsman homes have deep overhangs, the shingle styles that compliment this are Grand Canyon, Grand Sequoia and Timberline. Mediterranean homes look best with shingles that are Grand Canyon or Grand Sequoia in reds and browns. For French Country homes, you want to look for shingles such as Camelot or Slateline in grays and natural browns. Ranch homes are single story homes with a low roof line so they need shingles such as Timberline or Grand Canyon in grays, black and browns. Mountain homes are unique with intermediate pitched roofs in Grand Canyon or Grand Sequoia. Contemporary homes look best with Grand Slate or Slateline. For more information, call Rocky Mountain Roofers & Gutters. Share